Cocktail Recipes

Mando Marg

Serves 1


+ Salt
+ 30ml Unico Mando Liqueur
+ 30ml Espolõn Tequila
+ 30ml freshly squeezed lime juice
+ 1 x dehydrated mandarin/lime
+ Ice cubes


+ Cocktail shaker (incl. strainer)
+ Spirit measure
+ Martini glass


1. Start by salting your fave marg glass - I love 'Maldon Salt Flakes'
2. Shake (or stir) Mando Liqueur, tequila, lime + ice together in your cocktail shaker
3. Strain into your glass
4. Top it off with a dehydrated mandarin/lime and you're in margarita heaven

A refreshingly delicious take on your classic marg