NO 300% - 500% MARKUPS 🚫

Restaurants often charge anywhere between a 300-500% markup to cover their ancillary restaurant costs (wages, glassware, rent, wastage). Don't get me wrong, I've owned a restaurant myself, and know all too well how vital it is to do this. Not to mention, you're also paying for the experience, the atmosphere and for someone else to take care of you (for a change 😜)

As Your Personal Sommelier, a P.S. wine subscription gives you access to top quality selection of restaurant wines (not found in bottle shops), for a fraction of the cost. Sometimes even less than retail. Our wine subscriptions start from $170 (for a half-dozen, every 4 weeks), which averages each bottle at $28. In some cases, you'd expect to pay up to $110 in a restaurant for EXACTLY. THE. SAME. WINE.

So, you know the wine is good, you know it's going to suit your preferences, you know you're getting it for the best possible price, AND you know it's going to be delivered to your door every *insert your preferred frequency*. If you don't jump on this, you're missing out, slash bonkers!