Dozen Wines

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Ready to receive a box of bloody great wine, knowing that every bottle is one you'll love? Sounds crazy I know, but with Your Personal Sommelier picking the wine, it's "all killer, no filler".

Based on your preferred frequency, each bottle costs you $27 - $30. If you bought a bottle of one of these wines in a restaurant it would cost you between $75 - $120 per bottle. You typically won't find these wines in a bottle shop, so this is your exclusive access point to restaurant wine.

You’ll be asked for your general wine varietal preferences. After that, sit back and leave the rest to me!

Your box of 12 bottles of wine will be delivered to your door with love.

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  • Single-buy box OR;
  • Subscription, with flexible delivery options
    Option to add a handwritten card
    Postage $10 flat rate across Australia