Seasons change, the temperature changes, our preferences change and so too does your wine subscription box! If you feel like 6 whites and 6 reds one month and then a mixture of bubbles, whites and rosé's the next, then that is what you shall have!

Amelia (a.k.a Your Personal Sommelier) hand-selects all the wine for each subscription, based on two things:

1. What you overall wine preferences are: After having come to understand your palate and general likes and dislikes. If you don't like Chardy, you won't get Chardy! If you do like a Pinot Noir, expect to also get a Gamay, and a Sangiovese...

2. What you feel like (or don't feel like) in your upcoming box: Abby, for example last month requested a mix of mostly Pet Nat's, Prosecco and a couple of bottles of white wine, this month, she's asked for 6 smooth red wines and the rest Pet Nat's.

Yes, you read that right, each box is changeable. That also means that if you didn't like one of the bottles in your box (it's rare, but it can happen), you won't get it again!

Further proof that, when considering which wine subscription is right for you, with a P.S. wine subscription, you literally having nothing to lose, and so much to gain! Great wine, selected for you, in the way you want = ultimate value.