2021 L.A.S Vino CBDB (Chenin Blanc Dynamic Blend), Margaret River WA (2-pack)

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2 x bottles of 2021 L.A.S Vino CBDB (Chenin Blanc Dynamic Blend), Margaret River WA

TLDR; crisp acidity, bold oak, juicy texture. For Chenin Blanc fans, or if you like a Chardy.

Wine nerd? Read on:

"I've been wanting to try this Chenin for a while to be honest with you. I am a sucker for Chenin Blanc and am on a perpetual quest to find it, and taste it! Chenin Blanc is grown all over the world (it originates from the Loire region in France) but has taken root in other parts of France, further south near the Pyrénées, in parts of South Africa, as well as through Australia - in warmer climates such as Margaret River and Swan Valley in WA, as well as Barossa and McLaren Vale SA, but also in cooler climates like Tassie and Victoria. The grape is adept at merging with the climate and the product can often be vastly different.

I particularly LOVE how Chenin Blanc has this incredible ability to be both crisp with high acidity and at the same time full-bodied, textural, and oaky. It's actually pretty special. So, when I tasted this L.A.S Vino CBDB and instantly got grapefruit and lime as well as creamy, oaky, textural mouthfeel I knew we were on to a winner here!

This is a beautiful-looking bottle, featuring their signature handpainted label, cork, and wax seal, you can really feel the heart and passion L.A.S (luck, art, science) Vino aims to create with their brand. It's a solid celebration of Margaret River, a focus on letting the organic and biodynamic fruit do the talking, with minimal intervention and hands-on, boundary-pushing winemaking.

I think this wine is drinking beautifully now - great, GREAT with seafood (I had it with some Kingfish sashimi, and crumbed Flathead fillets and it was sensaysh) - but would only get better with age in my opinion. That's the beauty of this 2fourteen business. You get 2 bottles, so can try it now AND put one away...

Love to hear your thoughts! Also, if you've tried a great Chenin Blanc you think I might like, let me know!

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