Gin + Tonic Box

 $100 AUD

Applewood is one of my fave botanical gins from Gumeracha in South Australia. Flavours of rare Desert Limes, native Wattleseed, and aromatic Peppermint Gum Leaf are amongst 20 fresh and sustainably farmed ingredients on show.

I recommend drinking with a splash of lime or citrus over ice, or with a light tonic or soda. This pack comes with everything you'll need to create this gem. Enjoy!

+ Applewood Gin 500ml
+ StrangeLove Tonic 540ml
+ Dehydrated Citrus 70g (approx. 20 serves)
+ P.S. Gift Box - Delivered in our beautiful P.S. postal boxes, so it makes a brilliant gift!

Option to add a handwritten card
Postage $10 flat rate across Australia