2019 Julien Pineau 'Bocca di Rosa' Cab Sauv Pét Nat, Loire Valley FR (2-pack)

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2 x bottles of 2019 Julien Pineau 'Bocca di Rosa' Cab Sauv Pét Nat, Loire Valley FR

TLDR; this Pet Nat is quite unique. It's incredibly delicate - with luscious turkish delight and crisp green apple flavours, plus beautiful tight bubbles - it's basically heaven in a glass! I want to eat a meat pie with it...🤷‍♀️

Wine nerd? Read on;
A Cabernet Sauvignon Pet Nat is not something you see every day. Honestly though, this is as far away from a Cab as you could imagine. There is a depth of flavour that is added from the intensity of the grape, but that's it. It's light, buzzy, fragrant, lingering, mouth-wateringly good. A touch of sour citrus on the back palate is a welcome finish.

A lot of Pet Nat's are super 'funky' and a bit 'weird-tasting' to the average wine drinker. This Pet Nat is not like that. The Bocca di Rosa is more like a beautiful Moscato d'Asti, on the sweeter side, but by no means 'sweet', this wine is balanced to perfection, with a crisp, green apple finish to round out the acidity. It is clear (relatively speaking), and clean in taste, which is a pleasure given the 'naturel' nature of this sparkling wine.

The ancestral winemaking method used to make a Pet Nat - whereby the grape juice is bottled for fermentation, thus relying on the natural yeast to eat the sugar and create the CO2 required to give it that 'pop', fizz and fanfare - the tiny, tight and lasting bubbles (reminiscent of Champagne), are extraordinary!

The last release of this wine was in 2015. We have our hands on the last of the allocation for this 2019 vintage, so we may not see this wine again for a while! Also, you won't find this wine in any bottle shops, perhaps on some restaurant wine lists for $140 per bottle...

I'm feeling very lucky to have secured 2 dozen bottles of this 🙌 If you're new to Pet Nat and keen to give it a try this is the one to start with. If you're a seasoned Pet Nat drinker - YOU. WILL. LOVE. IT.

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